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The Generations Portrait experience is fun! Our clients tell us that it's a shared family experience like going to Disneyland! Just relax and enjoy the journey and be amazed at the outcome!

The Generations Portrait Process

The Generations Portrait Process

Heres how it works ...

Book your Session.
A fun 2 hr session with Andrew Campbell, Runner-up 2010 Australian Family Portrait Photographer of the Year. Call 9654 8899 M - F 10 - 6pm, or fill in our Booking Form.

Pre-Portrait Design Consultation.
We'll sit down at the studio together over a great coffee for 20 mins and help you to design a portrait session that suits you. Your portraits can be Contemporary, Timeless or one of our unique Designer styles. Casual or Elegant, Colour or Black & White, whatever you want, these portraits will reflect your own unique style!

Have fun being Photographed!
Share a lot of laughs, change outfits a few times, and experience professional photography at its best as our photographer guides and prompts you to achieve looks that you have only dreamed of having. Your 2 hr session includes several lighting, wardrobe and set changes to create your unique and special images.

View and Choose your Portraits.
It's exciting viewing your portraits straight away, and your images can be viewed, chosen and ordered on the day, following your session. We'll be there to assist you with the selection of images to suit your budget with one of our many popular packages (payment plans are available too!)

What To Wear

  • Comfortable clothes that represent your individual style.
  • Complimentary colours - Portraits have more impact when the whole family is coordinated.
  • Solid colours - Stripes, spots, logos and busy patterns are distracting to the eye.
  • Long sleeves & V-necks - More flattering, unless you want to show off your upper body!
  • Accessories - Jewellery, bling, a nice watch etc.
  • Personalize it - Design your family portraits around their favourite interests ...
  • Sports team outfits and bats, balls etc.
  • Superhero, Fairy or Ballet costumes
  • Musical instruments
  • Large colourful toys incl. kids cars, bikes
  • Cultural traditional dress. incl. Sari, Salwar, Qipao, Hanfu, Kimono
  • Your family pet

Please bring at least three outfits each.
(you'll get more portrait styles to choose from and better photos)

Hair & Makeup

We're not a glamour studio so we don't offer hair and make-up on set, but we can do amazing things with photoshop now including softening lines, removing blemishes and tidying hair.

We recommend that you wear natural make-up, and do it as if you were going to a barbecue to meet a friend that you haven't seen for a while. You want to look great, but don't over do it and if in doubt, less is always more!

Guys don't need make-up for our portraits, but shaving before your portrait session will minimise any five o'clock shadow. A haircut a week before your portrait session is best as freshly cut hair can often look unnatural.

Airbrushing & Retouching

This is a wonderful, subtle process where lines are softened, blemishes are removed, bags are lightened under the eyes and if you prefer we can "shrink wrap" your body to lose a few kilos! It's amazing what we can quickly do to really make your new image sing!

Generations guarantee a fantastic result, just like you see in the fashion magazines. Pictures that look just like you, but on a really good day!

We also have many years experience directing people to bring out the best in them. By subtly coaching you from behind the camera, we can guarantee to capture your best smile or that look of quiet, relaxed confidence.

We also use beautifully soft professional studio lighting techniques and high definition digital cameras, so you'll never look better in your portraits!


Can I buy a Generations Portrait Experience as a gift?
Great idea! Call 03 96548899 Monday - Friday 10.00-5.30 to pay by credit card. Please note the recipient's entire family ie; parents and children, will have to come to our studio in Melbourne, Australia.

How long does the photography session last?
We allow up to two hours for most sessions. It's relaxed, informal and lots of fun. Our clients tell us it's like a trip to Disneyland! Allow another hour after the shoot to choose and order your portraits.

Do you only shoot in your studio?
The Generations Portrait Experience is a studio only process. It's Melbourne and it rains a lot! Andrew will help you relax and feel comfortable, be prepared to have fun!

Can I bring in my dog!
Of course, or your cat, lizard, budgie or anything that will fit in our lift, probably not a horse! Call us if you have questions about bringing in an unusual pet.

Do you shoot weddings?
Not in the traditional sense of attending a bride's home, ceremony & reception. But we're happy to take some amazing shots in the studio either on your wedding day or after the honeymoon.

Is it OK to bring a change of clothing and some of my favourite things to the photography session?
Yes please! Most people bring 2-3 changes of outfit, some bring a lot more! The more you put into it the more options you'll have as we create several different styles of image for you. (We don't mind if you bring in a small suitcase of clothes!)

How much do family portraits cost?
We specialize in wall portraits, and there are many packages and options available  from $650 - $2390 for individual artworks and value packages start from $1995. Our stunning desktop Lumitiles are just $495. We've been doing this for over 10 years, so we can guarantee that there will be something to suit everybody's budget, and we can assist you with flexible payment options; cash, eftpos, credit cards and an easy lay-by option as well.

Can I just buy a CD of Images?
Some of our discerning clients prefer to have the high resolution image files themselves. They are available starting from $495 on a sliding scale, the more you purchase, the cheaper they become. Please note that due to variations in suppliers quality and processing we have no control over the final product if you choose to print them yourself. However,  when we control and manage the printing we can guarantee the outcome 100% - Many of our clients purchase the files then get us to produce the prints and framing!

Do I have to place my order on the day of the session?
Usually orders need to be placed on the day, and most people take advantage of special promotions and incentives to pay on the day. For your convenience, we can assist you with flexible payment options; cash, eftpos, credit cards and there is an easy lay-by option as well. However, if you have small children who are exhausted, we can arrange a separate viewing & purchasing appointment.

How long does it take to get my order?
Allow 4-6 weeks from when you place your order for your portraits to be ready for collection. Feel free to contact us any time to see how your order is progressing.

How long do you keep my portraits on file?
Generations will endeavour to archive your ordered images forever. However, unordered images will be removed from our system within a few months of your session.

Who owns the copyright on my portraits?
In line with common industry practice, Generations Photography retains the copyright to all images taken at your session. However, rest assured that we will never onsell or allow your images to be used by any third parties.

Do you shoot on weekends?
Saturday appointments are very popular, and usually book out well in advance. We charge a non-refundable booking fee for Saturday morning sessions. Generations Photography is closed on Sundays.

I have a big family, how many people can I bring to my session?
We specialize in amazing large family murals. Generations has photographed up to 19 people individually in one of our unique Generations Designer Portraits. Contact us if you have a very large family, as you'll need an extended session and a special package offer.

Can I have a portrait on my own?
Yes, you can certainly be photographed individually as part of the family portrait session. If you are not part of a family group, or if it's a photo for business use, click on the Melbourne Headshot Company website for more information on how we can best assist you with an individual portrait session.