Timeless Portraits

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Traditional portraiture styles are back in vogue. As more and more homes are being built with formal living spaces, this style is designed to enhance the more classic room designs.

Whether you're romantic or nostalgic, this beautiful style in portraiture will give you timeless portraits that you will be proud to pass on to generations to come.


Time doesn't stop for those magical moments. Looking back over your life, remember the feeling of a newborn's snuggle, a wedding proposal, realising you were in love?

Afraid you'll forget them? Our beautiful studio has bay windows dating back to 1872, and the light is beautifully soft. By using a special technique, we can capture a portrait with your reflection.

Now you can keep those special times, as we create for you wonderful memories you can look at for years to come. A special bond between Daddy and Daughter, Mother and Son, two people in love.

Life is about memories, and you can now preserve them forever. Right now is the time to work together to make time stand still.

Hollywood Glamour

Do you like to feel special?

Now you too can be pampered like a glamourous movie star of the 40's! The Hollywood Glamour portrait is a specialty style that shows off your natural beauty.

Early in his career, Generations principal photographer, Andrew Campbell worked in London, learning the lighting secrets of the famous Hollywood master photographer, Angus McBean. Declared a genius, Angus immortalized the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor.

Now a master photographer himself, Andrew relives these stunning classic hollywood lighting styles for selected clients.

Leave Andrew to coach you, to provide the most amazing black and white portrait you have ever had!

Book your Hollywood Glamour portrait session, and let us treat you like a star!

Very Important Pets (V.I.P.)

How to capture your Very Important Pet

If your pet is a valuable family member, capture their image and character in a unique portrait. The team at Generations Photography love working with your VIP to create stunning portraits.

The unique style captures your VIP's character whilst providing you with series of quality, classy images you will be proud to display.

The bond you have with your furry friends can also be captured as we make you look fantastic, with your pets!

You will love the experience as we take pet photography to a whole new level of excellence.