Contemporary Portraits

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Images that reflect the fun times! How often do you hear "What a great shot...anyone have a camera?"

Fun is fleeting; you need to be ready to capture it! Not only are we ready, but we're enthusiastic about capturing it too! We love the fun times as much as you do.

If staged, stagnant, boring images are not for you; then we have the solution. We provide an environment where you can let loose, have fun and be yourself!

Kids are energetic, lively and full of character. Images of them should reflect that! Capture their personalities now, while fun is a priority.

Urban Grunge

Teenagers used to be the most reluctant family member to be photographed. Not any more!

Urban Grunge is a moody portrait style that brings to light the essence of what those teenage years are all about. Every teenager will love a portrait of themselves with character and intensity.

Just like in those funky fashion magazines, this style also works brilliantly for showing the modelling potential in everyone!


Imagine your own family being a part of your next piece of contempory art!

These stylish silhouette portraits will be a fantastic addition to your wall and can be designed to suit you.

From one person to a whole family, this unique portrait will show your family in black and white, lines and shapes that look fantastic on every wall. Make it as abstract or literal as you like.

Bring your own props to further enhance the shapes within your one of a kind family portrait!